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Shouldn't all RBA's logically perform the same as long as the build is right?


(This info is Courtesy of the Great RDSOK on our Gotvapes ECF sub-forum.)


You know... on the surface it may appear simple but really there are a lot of things to consider in order to set each one up optimally and some of the details are subjective so they differ from person to person what is "right" for them. In short, it looks to be a simple system but when you consider all of the details there are a lot of things to consider.

The type of material for the coils.. nichrome or kanthal is probably a good place to start. Everyone seems to have their own preference although... kanthal is currently the more popular. The way you make the coils also determine how something vapes... a standard coil ( with spaces between the wires ) vs a micro coil are two such differences. How much surface area the coils has will also determine how saturated the flavor and vapor is.

Wicking... The type of material used and the style it is made in will determine how quickly it wicks. If you wick too quickly, it "floods" the coils and they don't get hot enough, too slow and you get burnt hits. People also are more or less sensitive to the flavor the wicks themselves have... I can lightly taste metal when using a stainless mesh but others can't... I can't taste silica but many can. Of course there are other materials that are commonly used such as ceramic, natural cotton, bamboo fiber or hemp fibers with each having their own behavior on how they wick. 

Air... the amount of it coming into the chamber, the location of the hole vs the coil, the size of the chamber inside the unit all play roles in the final type of vape you have. How you actually vape... ie the pull you use, whether you pull direct into the lungs or your mouth first. How quickly you pull... all of these come into play and often, each person will have their own preferences.

Now once you've put each part of the above differences ( as well as ones I didn't mention ) together... you get RDA's and RBA's each which have their own qualities and add in how each component you use behaves along with each of our own preferences... you get a bit more complex picture than what it may appear at first glance.

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