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Steeping you juice!


Hi Gang!

I have received requests on how to steep you e-liquid so below are two methods. The first is how I do it and the second method is from GPC2012 from ECF. I hope this helps!

My method.

"Our juices are made fresh on every order some of them benefit greatly from a little steeping. One of the best ways I have found is to loosen the cap or remove it and let it set for about 48hrs in a cool dark place, Then tighten the cap back down on it and shake it up real good.(I always shake mine up when I go to fill something up as well.) Then crack the cap again and put it back in a dark space for another 24-48hrs. It shoulld be ready to really shine by that time.( I have been known to steep for a couple of weeks on some juices). The reason for loosening or removing the cap is to allow the aromatics to mellow and to soften the sharpness of some." 

Our Friend GPC2012 on ECF offered up this method of steeping that works very well also!

"To heat or speed steep juice just follow these directions.
This is easy to do. get a bowl or other microwave safe container. Something you don't really need to put food in. The container needs to be deep enough to come up to the neck of the bottle. Set one of your largest bottles in the bowl and then fill it with dry rice just up to the neck of the bottle. Remove the bottle. Heat the dry rice in the microwave until it is about 200 f. DO NOT HEAT IT OVER 210 AT MOST. The plastic bottles are made of LDPE AND IT MELTS SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 230 AND 250 F. I use a probe thermometer to check it after I heat it. I have a 900watt microwave and it takes between 45 seconds to a minute to get the rice to temp. When the rice is hot remove the cap and drip tip from the bottle replace the screw cap as it gives you a better way to hold onto it till it's down in the rice. Nestle it down into the rice up to the neck of the bottle. Remove the screw cap. Leave it until it is cooled to room temp. Takes around 2 to 4 hours. Recap the bottle and shake like crazy. remove the cap and squeeze the air out of the bottle re-cap and shake again. It should be good to go, if not it might need a day or two more. I have only had one that wasn't good enough to vape the same day, but they will still gain a little more depth and nuance as they age a little more. I don't even cap my bottle for the first two weeks, if they last that long. 
If your rice is too hot you get vape rice laced with melted plastic. Not so good.
I have since moved up to a mini crockpot called a dip warmer. Filled with those flattened out marbles they put in flower vases.They transfer the heat well but not as intensely as the rice.I use a instant read thermometer and let the area around the juice come up to about 180 – 200 then shut it off and let it come back to room temp.I’ve yet to have a meltdown or have anything go bad on me.The boiling point of both VGand PG are well above my top temp.The bottle would melt first."

Ok, Woody here! Try these methods and see which works best for you! Vape Safe and Vape Well!

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