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What is standard resistance? What voltage should be used?


Standard coil resistance is 2.2-2.4ohms, that is the most common used. 

Variable voltage and variable wattage are the big thing now so that people 

can customize their vaping experience. 


These are the suggested max levels by one of the top manufacturers:


1.7-1.9ohms     3.1v-3.4v(max)

2.1-2.3ohms     3.5v-3.8v(max)

2.4-2.6ohms     3.9v-4.2v(max)

2.6-3.0ohms     4.3v-4.7v(max)


These are the maximum voltages per Kanger and Vision that those resistances 

should be run at. In some cases depending on the juice you use you will run 

significantly lower. 


When you run in variable wattage mode that is completely different. In power 

mode the onboard electronics measure the resistance of the coil and by using 

a specific formula will set the voltage according to the wattage you want to 

vape at. Most people vape between 5.5-7.0 watts.

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