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Resistance wire


Ok,  most resistance wire has a certain amout of resistance per inch. 28awg kanthal is .47ohms per inch while 28awg nichrome is .35ohms per inch. It generally takes about an inch and a half of wire to make a 4 turn coil giving you a resistance of about .7 ohms. Only some of the good pure mechanicals can handle it but I prefer to taste my juice not fry it! With 34awg which is my guage of choice the resistance is 1.84ohms per inch in kanthal and 1.5ohms per inch in nichrome. A 5-6 turn coil in that will net you about 2.2-2.6ohms which at 4v is less than 2 amps of current and blows tons of vapor. I have an AGI RBA, an AGA-T and an Ithaka clone. I don't do drippers, too much mess. I will attach a jpg showing the safe vaping levels or best vaping levels, I spent months putting together, I will also attach what is refered to as the magic circle that show the formulas for finding you current level and power level and such.

pie-chart.gif pie-chart.gif
WoodysWattChart.JPG WoodysWattChart.JPG
Kanthal_Resistances_-_Ohms_inch.pdf Kanthal_Resistances_-_Ohms_inch.pdf

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